We try to make our cooperation with the Client comfortable and productive as it possible.

Services provided

The direction of the company is the international transportation of small goods by road. Transportations are carried out from Europe, the countries of Baltic, the CIS and back.

Each customer receives high level services - the cargo is accompanied and transported in view of all safety requirements. We have a modern car park, equipped with satellite tracking and constant mobile communications. Accompanying the cargo is carried out by experienced drivers who have undergone special training. The employee is able to respond to any situation accurately and unmistakably. All decisions are made in a timely and consistent manner with the customer.

International and regional transportation of complete load

International and regional transportation of groupage load

Sales service

SANVITA is able to carry out the simple and most complex road haulage routes, to assist in drawing up or re-registering the documents that follow with the cargo, taking into account the requirements of the client.

As for the cost of the services provided, it is quite acceptable and democratic. Affordable prices do not affect the quality of service. On the contrary, the SANVITA policy is aimed at meeting the interests of each customer. At any time, our employee will be happy to inform the client on all issues of interest to him.

International and regional transportation of complete load

We provide comprehensive expeditionary and international transport services in Europe, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as vehicles intended only for your goods or cargo, which reduces costs.

Our offer includes:

  • Transportation of complete load.
  • Consolidation of cargo within Western and Southern Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
  • Courier services.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods ADR.
  • Transportation using refrigerators (including flowers).
  • Delivery to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, including customs clearance.

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • Guaranteed timeliness, reliability and flexibility of the services provided.
  • Affiliate development of the best solutions.
  • Adaptation of services to each client.
  • Openness and reliability in the relationship with the service provider.
  • Reduced logistics costs.

Our company also has a fleet of vehicles adapted to the needs of the client, able to complete all the tasks on time..

International and regional transportation of groupage load

Transportation of groupage loads is a service that consists in consolidating many cargoes containing a smaller quantity of goods (usually from one to several pallets) in a warehouse in the country of origin. Then, at regular intervals, transportation is carried out to the warehouse in the receiving country. After unloading, individual shipments are distributed to recipients. The service includes customs clearance if the goods cross the borders of the European Union. The price is determined depending on the specified route. Transportation of general cargo offers an attractive price for the ratio of cargo to the selected transport.

National cargoes:

  • Daily delivery of goods to Poland.
  • Express delivery and delivery on Saturday.
  • Overload and consolidate shipments.
  • Warehouse services.


The service is to reload the Customer’s goods to a vehicle with a free cargo space moving along a similar route and transport it directly to the recipient. With this service, the price is divided into several customers and most often depends on the quantity of goods and distance. Additional loading is faster than delivery of complete cargo. The service is provided in Poland, Western and Southern Europe.

International groupage loads:

  • Daily consolidation and deconsolidation of supplies at international terminals.
  • An international network of partners providing regular service.
  • Numerous additional services according to customer needs, including transport insurance and storage services.
  • The service is provided in Western and Southern Europe, the Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Sales service

We search for manufacturers and suppliers of goods, raw materials, products in Europe, the CIS and the Baltic countries as well as:

  • Search by specified criteria.
  • Negotiations and selection of the optimal price offer.
  • Getting product models.
  • Quality control before shipment.
  • Export and import operations in foreign trade.
  • Organization of a commercial network.
  • Product introduction to the Russian market: necessary certificates, customs clearance, an integrated and individual approach to the selection of the most efficient freight scheme.